March 5, 2013

BGSU Ceramics Symposium Day 2

In hindsight, there is much lost in traveling from symposium to conference. I really wanted to wrap up the Bowling Green gig while all of the juices were flowing and the memory as crisp as the Detroit winds, but I guess I didn't spend enough time in the airport! [hallelujah!!] But here are a few pictures from the second day of the Ceramic Symposium at BGSU last week.

"let's stop talking for a moment and try to finish these!"

Gerit's girl on a horse finished

foot detail

photo: Gerit Grimm

practically finished

There's never enough time to do all the things I want to do in two days, but Gerit and I had some amazing convo and made some cool stuff. 

Bill B prepping for his lecture.  Ahh, Heisenberg!

One of my all time favorite potters, Bill Brouillard, came on Friday top show some of his pots and lectured on his long and diverse career as a potter and teacher. 

Here is the gang at the end of the line.

Zimra Beiner, moi, Gerit, Bill, Clay Leonard

Thanks to Clay Leonard (@ClayCeramics on Twitter) and Zimra Beiner for organizing the symposium and everyone who came to the event, and especially those that helped wedge the clay and mix the slips!