March 28, 2012


The grass is growing and I'm thinking of my scythe and looking forward to mowing the field with it. Last summer i burned most of the grass and goldenrod and got this,

last summer's grass/weed ash from the field for glaze materials.

March 27, 2012

Sundried Pots

Better check these. Don't want these to get 2 dry 2 fast. Absolutely gorgeous day!

Location:State Road 1170,Bakersville,United States

On Course

It took a cup of joe and an earthenware taco to get the rest of my 12 made this evening.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, not a good day for staying focused in the shop. I helped Stacey with her new garden and when the girls came home, we did some bike riding.

We took the training wheels off Lillian's bike and after a few falls, she made her first successful rides down the hill in the field. (where was the flip video???)

It's good to take some time with the family after being away for a week and I just needed to spend a little "after supper and bedtime" time to stay on course.

Look out Tuesday!

March 26, 2012


On the road trip to Cape Cod, I consulted with Ron on his work flow and how he schedules his making, firing, etc. But despite Ron's advice to abandon the 12 pots a day approach (when he found out how much time I had before the next firing) It has been a good way to just get back in there to make pots. I plan to crank up the volume in the weeks ahead leading up to my trip to Austin, TX.

Speaking of road trips, I have hunnids of pics from our excellent Northeast workshop tour to sort through. When I get caught up on all of my pots, shipping, and other chores I'll try to put together a slideshow fo'ya. Don't hold your breath, though, get to work on your 12.

It's later than you think.

Give 'Em Enough Rope

You gotta be careful what you listen to in the studio. It might rope you in a different direction.

FYI: the pattern in the cup is due to an impressed rope. See above link for musical influence.

March 6, 2012

Quick News

I've worked day and night to get the 300 or so pots painted and glazed for Thursday's firing. Here are a few pictures from the shop.

March 2, 2012


After a trip to the mill with Lillian, I think I will have more than enough for the firing. Some of this Poplar was a little green and I think I'll need more of it. Better to have too much than not enough. If anything, this represents the confidence needed to light the fire in the first place.

March 1, 2012


It's March and my firing is coming up fast. Why am I still making pots?


So much for 12 pots a day. That luxury is out the window as I try to cover my bases for upcoming place setting shows at NCECA and the Penland Gallery. It seems like the place setting show is this year's cup show. They seem to be popping up everywhere. It's understandable. It's logical. But is it profitable in the context of a group show giving 50% to the gallery? Is the risk equal to the publicity that one might gain from such a speculative venture?

Be ware, says the old potter.

I guess the price just needs to go up like everything else these days.

Consider the loss rate with warping, cracking plates, the shipping that I have to pay, the price of fuel, and on and on. The flip side, for me, is that I really like the frame of a plate for my painting, and doing these shows give me the "permission" to break out some new riffs and motifs. Obviously for anyone trying their hand at the pottery career, it's not about the money. But you damn well better make some along the way or you'll be out before you're ever in!

Speaking of adding it all up, and getting back to the 12s that Ron mentioned briefly in his post yesterday (do I hear a pottery bloggery echo?), it appears that I just didn't do the math or maybe some days I didn't make the 12. Whatever the reason, there's always more planning one can do. Next time I need a checklist of pots and maybe keep a count of what I've made as I go along. It's a process, it's timing, it's cyclical. You (read "I") have to factor in last minute requests, like 4 pitchers for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences!


OK, now they are made.

Now, where did I put those brushes???

[addendum: Carter just posted a very thoughtful edition on the subject of the 12's. the pottery bloggery pool ripples again!]