February 2, 2012

XLI -- Not the Super Bowl

I don't date my pots (but we are going steady) but, instead, inscribe the firing number on most every pot. I have been using roman numerals from the beginning. Maybe to obscure the actual date, a code of sorts. Maybe to give the code a sense of importance. I have a pot ID page in the works over at KlinePottery.com as well as a news page. So for all of you who want to "date" your Kline pots you'll be able to see the actual "born on " date in the near future.
I noticed that there is a super bowl game this weekend. The producers of this event have used roman numerals for this event since Super Bowl V and because of their marketing efforts I now know that I can use XLI instead of the long handed XXXXI. Oh relief. I hope this time saving epiphany will allow me to catch up here in the studio!
I will heading to Seagrove again this weekend for the Potter's Palette! Ron is going with and maybe Kyle will join us. It's just $15 at the door. The food and drink alone are worth the trip. Not to mention hanging out with some of your favorite potter bloggers, right?
I will be tending the bar and look forward to seeing some of you there. Cheers!
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