February 1, 2012

More than Palatable: The Potter's Palette

I made a trip to Seagrove, NC this past weekend. I tooled around visiting folks, talking shop, visited the Cousins, and talked a lot about the NC Pottery Center upcoming party. Everybody is talking about the attention that the upcoming Potter's Palette auction is getting in various Piedmont newspapers and how amazed they are at the canvases that are on display. After seeing them in person I agree! They're spectacular!
Here's the idea the NC Pottery Center had. Like so many non-profit art centers, the Center is in desperate need for funds to continue to operate and carry out its mission. Asking potters for yet another pottery donation and patrons to bid on them has given both parties donor fatigue. So the folks at the Pottery Center have come up with some new and a very different "spin" on fund raising. Give our fine NC potters each a 12 in. by 12 in. primed canvas and ask them to paint whatever they like. What resulted was quite a variety of expression, as varied as the actual pots these potters make.
SO this Saturday in Seagrove, at the NC Pottery Center, 90 rare and unique paintings will be auctioned off! I hope I will see you there. I will be tending bar and would be delighted to pour a glass for you! I also have my eyes on a couple of those paintings! Many of the potters who painted a canvas will be at the event.
Come meet us!
Yesterday, the Pottery Center posted a hint on their Facebook page, of what goodies one might find at the partay!
...we'll have lots of shrimp, salmon pate, tapenades, fresh made caramelized onion tarts, veggie and meat lovers stuff, and some vegan things, lots more than that-we don't want to tell all, but come on and spend some time with us. $15 gets you the wonderful buffet, lots of beverage choices and the very best part....a chance to bid on and own one of the canvases, which are sure to become one-of-a-kind collector items.

Here is a link to buy tickets for the Potter's Palette.
Can't make the auction, but would like to bid? Absentee bidding form here.

Tom Starland, of Carolina Arts Unleashed, is a huge supporter and wrote recently about the NCPC,
The NC Potter Center is a great place to visit if only to learn about pottery, the history of pottery in North Carolina, what kind of pottery is being made in North Carolina today as well as the Seagrove area, but beyond that, it presents important and education exhibitions of pottery – historical and contemporary. It is also a great educational facility for the region’s school students. And because offering all that takes money – lots of money – they need the public’s help to supplement the funding they receive from local, regional, state and national sources. Whether you take part in one of the fundraisers offered, you can always make a donation – on a visit, by mail or on their website. Anything you can do will make a difference.

You can read the Carolina Arts blog here.
I painted three canvases. Here is one.

I hope to see you Saturday!