April 12, 2011

Cerf-ing USA

I'm proud to say thank you to our new sponsor, CERF+, a wonderful organization that not only helps craft artists who find themselves in dire straits after a disaster, but also promotes readiness before the unexpected happens.

I have been supporting CERF+ for many years, beginning in the '90's when I did crafts fairs all over New England. Usually I would donate a piece at the fair that would be auctioned off and the money would go straight to their programs. In 2005, when I had my unfortunate table saw accident, CERF+ was a "first responder"" with some much needed cash to help support me and my family as we coped with my unforeseen interruption in my pottery shop! All those years of donating came full circle and we will always be grateful!

Please visit the CERF+ website and find out more by clicking their info in the upper right column!

Also: I have one of these in my shop and you should, too. It's pretty cool and I'll tell you more about it soon. Thanks.