January 27, 2011

Reactions and Clichés

One advantage of working late is that there is still wood in the stove by morning. I filled up the stove and dampered it down for the night and strolled down to the house through crunchy frozen grass where rain turned to snow late in the day.

I managed to save those thoughts in my sleepy head for this morning's post. Maybe I just dreamed them? My schedule has been diced up by frequent snow days and kids at home, but I managed to get more porcelain pots made for my upcoming eKiln firing. I'm researching some glazes to test and need to mix up some of those tests in the next day or so.

Yesterday, I reflected on the material nature of the porcelain and dreamily yearned for my chunky home clay. It may be like going to bat after swinging the heavy bat in the on deck circle. Or will it?! Is the clay always browner on the other side? ;)

Is it my reaction to the porcelain's fineness or is it the porcelain's desire or property prompting me to want to make these pots as thin as I can? I'm enjoying the throwing lines that you get when the clay wall gets too thin. In my stoneware pots I avoid them vigorously with lots of ribbing. Also, I have an attitude about the home clay that it shouldn't be so thin, aka potato chip thin, aka being cheap with the clay. These are all clichés, right?

Who knows? Certainly not me! I'm just trying to count chickens. Isn't that the crux of pottery making?

"Wait for it, wait for it...."

The kiln will be the teacher.

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