January 31, 2011

I Should Be Making Pots!

a picture taken by Evelyn of her old Papa throwing some porcelain

So much for my 12x12 this morning. Instead, I'm grinning and marveling at my wondrous new Apple Cinema Display! Finally I can take the old Compaq VGA (circa 1998) to the local second hand store! The color, the brightness, and the wide screen on this 20" monitor is kind of freaking me out! I realize now what I've been missing. I may have to go back and recalibrate all of the images on the blog for the last couple of years (since I inherited this awesome Mac G5). The Compaq VGA monitor has been fine, but I always had a hunch that the color wasn't quite right. But I guess you make do with what you have, right?

Well I might as well catch you up in studio news, while you've taken the time to visit.

I finally planned the firings for the year and coordinated dates of shows, exhibits, etc with firing dates! I also went ahead and penciled in 2012 as well, since there are already shows I've committed to for next year.

I made a dozen more plates and bowls in Matt and Dave's Porcelain (for the People) Sunday. The weather was gorgeous and it was the first time in a good while that I wasn't bothered when the girls came into the shop without closing the door! I even let the wood stove take the day off!

I glazed the earthenware pots for the Montessori School Literary Tea Project. I should get them into the kiln shortly and glaze them up!

Today, I also plan on doing some painting of the porcelain bisque for the upcoming cone 7 glaze firings in the revamped L & L eKiln! Very exciting! I'm going to do some glaze tests to experiment with my wood kiln glazes at that temperature, too.

Well, I'd better get with it and get up to the shop . Here is a another picture from our Sunday in paradise where we see the heir to my brushe collection painting a tea cup! Have a great week, be productive, Love what you do, and take a chance!