December 17, 2010


There is something about a pot that is completely different and the one that we take risks with. The soldier pot at the front lines. When they come out of the kiln most times they look like risks taken. But I am really intrigued by the possibilities presented by this piece. It is what we call a keeper. Maybe the definition of a keeper is a pot that approaches a priceless-ness. At least for the time being. A bookmark. A mark of some kind. A reminder. A pot to study. To figure out. Worth more in the hand than in the bank.

The cross hatch pattern is taken from an Italian jug that sports quite the bird and an area with this type of cross hatching in manganese and iron. [a responsible blogger would have source imagery] Maybe I will steal some time away from packing and shipping EtsY sale pots to scan the image for you.

In the meanwhile here's a toast to the luxury that all potters should take. the pot that we don't sell. In this season of commerce, here's to the keeper.

[NOTE]: Here's what it looked like before it was fired. [read post]

[UPDATE: Jenny Mendes saw the inspiration for this pattern and posted a picture on here blog! How I envy her! Check out Jenny's blog here.]