November 8, 2010

How's The Feed?

By the time you read this I'll be high tailing it up the hill for some crunch week fun. Yes, once again it's crunch time! Tis the season, fellow elves of the holiday gift market! This time, it's a truckful of pots for our annual studio tour here in Mitchell County, that will be fired with Courtney Martin at the "other wood kiln on Snow Creek Rd".

In other news, I have a new warehouse at Facebook for "Sawdust and Dirt", which I am archiving various photo collections, guest bloggers posts, and who knows what else. If you are on Facebook, visit and revel in the comp-pile-ation of 'Dirt. You can also write a review! Make your voice heard!

So, let's get to work. There are pots to turn! Check in later for the Crunch report. Make it a great week!