November 9, 2010

Here's The Thing

Here's the thing.

I've been looking out into the blue sky and fall landscape and how these will play out in glaze and pattern. I've been thinking about being a husband, a father, and how these roles affect the creative life. I've been thinking about my health, about my endurance and wood firing.

I've been thinking a lot after an email I got this morning from a fellow artist-blogger-pilgrim. I've been thinking about the physical impossibility of making pots and taking the time to write/blog about it. I've been thinking about sleep!

I've been thinking of the digital promise of computers and the internet. Then, in the midst of all these colliding thoughts, questions, and scarce answers, I heard this interview of Douglas Rushkoff on Tom Ashbrook's On Point. I recommend it.

If you need a quickie before you listen to the whole program, here is a short video that may encourage.

My late lunch break is over, and that's all I'm giving up for now. I could go on I guess, but there is a whole pile of inert clay waiting to be formed up in my shop. Back to it I go. Thanks.