November 1, 2010

Futher Readin'

According to the blog stats, a lot of folks are reading the previous posts, but not many have been moved to share their opinions. I am well aware that the question of greeeeeeeeen ceramics may be unanswerable.

Thanks to John and Elise for their contributions to the commentary. Here are a few other blog posts that I found at the end of one black bird's post from 2007 that might help inform. I obviously haven't had time to read all of these articles, but I have just skimmed over most and hope you won't find me irresponsible in posting these:

Here are a couple of reports from the larger industry that I ran across:

And back full circle with this article from Ceramics Arts Daily:
This is by no means a complete reading list, just some links that I found this evening.

Can you tell I'm really trying to wrap my head around this question?

For what its worth.