September 9, 2010

Where O Where

Where was the current sense of urgency in the shop when i could have really uses it weeks ago when this cycle began? The level of energy and the acuity of focus is a little lopsided but it's what happens every time!

Well, it's what I've got and I'm going to use it. But let this blog
post stand in as a "note to self" to get with it a little sooner next
time I set out to begin a new cycle of work.

In times like these I am also too aware of the spatial limitations of
the shop as well as the lack of "kitty proofing" that needs to be done if kitty is to live in this space. She doesn't seem to mind banging into the bisque ware as she has her "fits" of running 'round the counter tops and tables. (not to mention when her buddy Jack comes around to play)

It is a little like a circus.

The rain yesterday was very welcome on our dried up little mountain and it was the first day in a long while that I wasn't squinting from the glare of clear blue skies. The single, solitary sunflower opened by the watermelon patch I see it, now, as I sit on the porch of the
shop looking westward.

I suppose the sense if urgency is not completely a result of the
tightened schedule of the next week/month, but maybe a vestigial urge to get ready for the change of seasons that has been in the works all along.

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