September 9, 2010

The Sky's The Limit

Tonight, as I brew another cup of coffee, the survey of what is getting done and what needs to be made is coming up regrettably short. Yes, I can brew this cup really strong. Yes, I can stay up late till it gets done. But cramming is as hard on the potter as it is on the pots. Like Courtney Martin commented here earlier today,
...all the "brilliant" ideas i want to play with tend to be pushed aside in an effort to just get it done.

The pots may get done, but the development of new ideas gets neglected.

But I have some ideas for some teapots to make tonight, the first ones I'll have made all year. So I'd better get on 'em. Exciting.

Unlike a farmer who has to plant in the spring to make a fall harvest, there are a few seeds that I can plant tonight to get some harvest from next week's kiln.
Hey, I've got a dry box!

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