September 7, 2010

Really Blue Monday

"it's a long long while
from May to December
but the days grow short
when you reach September
when the Autumn weather
turns the leaves to flames
one hasn't got the time
for the waiting game"

--September Song (Anderson; Weill)

To my shock, I've arrived to September and I'm scrambling to close the windows in the shop to the cool night air. Like Alex, when I reach for my corduroy shirt/jacket I know that summer is waning! Although it seems all of a sudden, it has been coming all along. Same with the firing. It has been penciled in the calendar of my mind but today it's getting inked in as my deadlines roll in for the Fall.

It was a stop/go week, the last week was. With the Etsy Sale scheduled in the middle of a making cycle this time, it put a wrinkle in my production. But, oh, what a nice wrinkle it was. Thanks for everybody who came by to buy! Given my busy schedule these coming weeks, I may just leave the shop open. Please tell your family and friends.;-)

But to make my Etsy Kiln Opening happen, I had a lot of pictures to take, process, and post, not to mention measure and catalog. Meanwhile, all of the 300 lbs of clay that my "adjunct" apprentice/helper John Simmons weighed and wedged on Wednesday, sat on the table until yesterday. [I'm very excited to introduce John properly later this week with a dedicated post! For now you can check out his web site, here!]

I have a few commissions to work on this week, as well as a few more pots on my making list for the show in Asheville next month. I'll get some pictures for you next time.

**Also, would you take a moment to take my survey (located on the top of the right hand column)? Thank you.

And now I leave you with Lou Reed on this September morning. I'll be back at lunch with a few snapshots. Gotta get to the 12's. Thanks for reading.