September 7, 2010

Random Thoughts While Waiting for Bread To Bake

12 by 12? Did I say 12? LOL, as they say!

Another searing blue sky today, yes, but not as clear in the shop as to which direction the day would take. It goes that way more often than not. Yet a good day over all. Got the jugs handled and threw a few boards of big cups. These are the one's that became know as breakfast cups after I received a fax from the chain store, anthropologie, back in the day. That's what they were calling it in their catalog and it stuck. Recently I had an order for more of these cups from a store in Rochester, except they called them chowder mugs! Hey it's fine with me whatever they call'em as long as the check is in the mail! Speaking of mail I sent a bunch of pots out from the Etsy sale today! More will head out tomorrow.

After lunch, I talked to Kyle, who was firing his salt kiln today, and we came up with some dates for our October firing in my kiln. After much thought, I was confident (or crazy)enough to think it was all possible! lol [With my adjunct potter, John on board, all things seem possible.] Wood is almost cut, there's plenty of clay on hand. But will I hold up? (or will Stacey put up with me working ALL the time?) Ah, such is the season of revving up and going for it. Xmas is coming up and all of the galleries have their exhibits, after all!

Come January, the only thing going on in the studio will be the cat chasing mice!

While I was at it I thought I'd better ink in this next firing, XXXVI and alert crew members! Sept. 18th (yikes) Better get going. Seems like Courtney is going for a deuce this coming month, too. I guess the the kilns (and the glory holes)are always busy this time of year. The potters are all getting ready the annual Potter's Market in Spruce Pine! Not sure what our neighboring glassblowers are getting ready for since they don't have their own pottery show, here! ;-)

Anyway, back to pottery! Last night I was clearing the decks, putting stuff away and found 3 bags of fire clay lurking in my tool shed, so I mixed me up a batch to pug into my red dirt. After all, with just a few days left in my making cycle, I might as well mix some clay! [evidence of insanity] This dry weather is great for drying out the wood and the pots, and it's already dried the slip I mixed last night quite a bit. Maybe John and I can get it through the pug mill and wedge it in time for some red dirt pots for this kiln load.

Well, no pictures for this ramble. Left the old camera op the hill, but the smell of fresh baked bread is filling the house and the heat of the oven is taking the chill out of the cool night air. The timer has just gone off so I'll pull it from the oven and pull the plug on this for now.

I would promise pictures and further evidence of pottery being made after I finish later tonight, but maybe I'd better cut my losses.

Bread out, I'm out. Back up the hill for some late night pottery!
Talk to you tomorrow.

Oh BTW, don't forget to take the poll. I want to compare the numbers with the same poll taken over the winter. Thanks!