September 14, 2010

Not Like the Other

By now my neighbors must be convinced that I'm a vampire (which proves Stacey's suspicions as well!)

No, it's just hell week, here. Another firing is just around the corner. Everything takes longer, a LOT longer. Especially if you haven't made a teapot in ??? year(s).

I'd better check the record (read: search the blog) to see when the last teapot was made. I don't think I've made any in this new studio and this "new" studio is now two years old! I remember my first pots were "Obamaware" pots, which seems like lifetime, ago. Or at least another last election cycle ago...I guess some things never change. Time marches on.

I know what some of you are thinking, and the answer is, no. I'm not going Republican, just got bored with making birds!


Now it's on to the next one. The one being many , many pieces of bisqueware to paint and glaze, and a couple more bisque firings...

Have a wonderful day.