September 17, 2010

Coffee Break vol. 28

It's an unlikely time in the very early morning to be having a cup of coffee but such are the circumstances of this potter with the luxury of the electric light to show the way to after hours pottery work.

This is one of our (Stacey and I's) fave-o-rite mugs that has somehow made it's way up to the shop tonight. I think I might have gotten this mug from Ron Meyers on a long ago visit to Athens, GA.

I have a vague memory of fleeing Penland after a little spat that Stacey and I had back during our courtship days. Ron just sat there sympathetically painting away on a pile of pots as I cried on his shoulder about Stacey not wanting to see me again, or something like that. Oh, dating...

Stacey had taken a class with Ron in Cortona Italy way back when, so Ron knew Stacey and must have given me the good advice to get back and plead my case with her 'cause that's what I did, with this cup as my peace offering.

I guess I owe a lot more to this cup (and Ron) than merely the late night messenger of coffee!

Oh, the power of pottery!

Besides having this beautiful painting of this bird (goldfinch?) the handle is one of the finest "trigger/one finger" handles I've ever used. It also has some of the softest lines on any cup that we have. It's a great inspiration at this time of painting. Maybe it's time to paint a few birds?!

Well, enough ruminating and blogging. If I don't get back to work on this pottery and get home before the cows, I might be making another trip to Athens for more advice from Ron!


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