August 15, 2010


Here are a few pictures from blog posts that never happened. That happens when a pottery bloggery guy gets busy! We had a big storm blow through the other night with hail, high winds, and a whole lot of rain! There was so much of the above, that I had to mop all of the rain that came blowing into the show room and studio instead of working on my pots that night and I had to retrieve "all"of my window screens from the field below the studio the next morning! But all is dried out now.

These pots have been sitting around for a while and the sulfur (or whatever is in the clay) is coloring the slip decoration. Pretty nice.
Courtney hosted NC Clay Club and showed off her new shop and presented a fabulous slideshow of her and John's trip to Okinawa, Japan. She showed a bunch of pictures of potteries they visited and friends they made and the meals they ate. I'm not sure if they ate this snail or not? (if I hadn't been trying to get the right exposure during a dark slide show I could probably have told you about this snail!)


A fascinated audience of clay clubbers!

Well, I just wanted to share these pictures of the ones that almost got away. There are many things that happen at the pottery and during my weeks that I just don't have the time to share. Maybe I'll get around to post some of them that aren't so time sensitive and when things slow down and I have time to edit the pics. But in the the mean time...the firing train (No. 36) is on schedule and will be rolling in the station really soon, so I'd better stay close to the wheel and make sure all of its passengers are ready to board! I hope you will be along for the ride!