August 15, 2010

Stacking Up, and Slipping Away

I really liked the way these mugs stacked up! There's not a lot of room on the shelves in the shop so I'm starting the bisque firing. I usually do about 10-15 bisque firings per wood kiln load. I don't like working on a Sunday afternoon, but I'm getting that feeling that I won't have the time to get all of my making list done. I planned on throwing some pots this morning, but these things had to be done first:
  • check cylinders for dryness, they're ready for slip!
  • slip not "deep" enough to dip tall cylinders, mix more 6Tile slip!
  • need 1/2"drill to mix slip, it's been sitting on my "to fix" pile!
  • fix 1/2" drill
  • load bisque to get it started before the afternoon "slipped" away!
  • bisque loaded and on!
  • oh, it's 2:30! better eat lunch!
oh well, somehow it all fits together.