August 17, 2010

Round Revisited

As I eat my tomato sandwich (and write this) I am scratching my head about this investigation of "round" As a potter I am partial to the bottom set, but as someone who wants to follow through with an idea, I favor the top two. So I am at odds with this project. I don't know why I was surprised at one point to realize that to make these as perfect spheres, a lathe may have been a better tool, or for that matter, why not make a mold of a ball? But I guess that since I am a potter using wheels, this is how I approach the making. And it's the pottery-ness in these that I find most interesting, the reference to sphere, the neck/foot relationships, etc. To make a perfect sphere, it would be a lot easier to get a bowling ball and paint it, wouldn't it? So I will keep going with more.

I really appreciate you all stepping up to give me your impressions and even your own experience with similar projects. Don't be shy.


[Sandwich done, blog post done, back to work.]