July 30, 2010

Breaking Ground for Mufflat in Somerville, MA!

the interior of the old theater
where rebuilding is already underway!

I was happy to hear that the Mudflat Studios, in Somerville, MA, officially broke ground for their new facilities yesterday. I taught many a workshop in Mudflat's old department store studios back in the nineties (yea, last century!) Congratulations Lynn Gervens and everyone at Mudflat and I wish them well in this MAJOR undertaking!

the crowd of well wishers and Mudflat supporters

And to all the folks that have supported Mudflat, a big THANK YOU, too.
(oops, that's big!)

the mayor of Somerville, MA, Joseph A. Curtatone,
and Mudflat director Lynn Gervens

the Mudflat staff, Tracy, Moriah, Arthur, and Jen!!!!

Here is a blog about Mudflat's new project and here is their official web site where you can learn about their programming!

Rock on Mudflat!