July 19, 2010

Blog Tease

My apologies for not being in touch recently. You can just imagine that I've been busy here and there, getting pots made, ferrying the girls through wind and rain to their swimming lessons, as well as giving tours to visitors at the shop. I've also gotten my feet wet teaching a local workshop to women artist/entrepreneurs on the basics of internet marketing, etc! All this means that I haven't been giving my readers their dose of dirt (and sawdust). I'm sure there are some of you who haven't found the time to keep up with the blogs this time of year, as well.

I wish I could say that I was taking a blog-cation! There's so much I need to catch you up up...
  • the pallet kiln at the Energy xChange
  • the progress of the sinks
  • what's happening at Penland
  • drawings and paintings for American Folk Art Show in October
but I'm afraid to say that it will have to wait just a little bit more...

[what a tease!]

till I can collect thoughts, edit jpegs, and find the late night time to sit back down here and type!~

Hey it's Summer! just for a few more weeks till back to school!