June 2, 2010


How can it be SUMMER already?!

Somehow I find myself in the midst of kid swim gear, looking for our big blow up swimming pool, and session 1 at Penland in full force! In this neck of the woods, summer's aren't only about kicking back and relaxing, but also a whole lot more. The kids are home and need stuff to do. Penland classes change every two weeks and there is the parade of old and new friends making lots of stuff up there. The garden(and it's attendant weed sprawl) needs attention. And on and on the list grows. Folks escape their hot city apartments for their cool mountain time shares and "cabins".

But there's also the chillaxin' that comes with the longer days and the cooling down in the kiddie pool (or the nearby Toe River) after a day of cutting wood or making pots. There is the pleasure of pulling little weeds in the garden with a cup of coffee while your feet get all muddy from the damp dirt. There's the surprise of seeing folks up at Penland that you haven't seen in years. There are the Tuesday-night clay slide talks, the ice coffees and ginger aides at the coffee house.

So where does that leave the blog? Well, hopefully I will get my hands on some clay soon. I'll be working on firing # XXXVI and there'll be the drawing and painting work for the solo Fall show! The kids will be makin' stuff in the mornings, I hope. There will be some rambling around Penland. There will be Ellen Denker's posts, hopefully a few sessions with Dr. Simon, and some more contributions from the rest of the "staff".

So I hope you'll come along for the summer fun. Don't forget to "follow" the blog by subscribing, or by clicking on the follow button to the right if you haven't already. Also sign up for my email newsletter at the right. If you're on Facebook, you can join the growing fan club there! You can read my twitter fee in the right sidebar as well. It updates automatically here or you can follow by going here.

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