June 18, 2010

Penland Ramble

it all started with lunch with lillian and stacey
under the veranda by the pines

which was after a morning at kid's craft camp

kathy steinsberger in the
letterpress shop

exhaust fans in the
printmaking shop

a view through the letterpress shop

john davis who made the movable
book above and below
, based on some painted barns near cameron, nc

also in Emily Martin's books class
were many delightful "tunnel"
books like the one above

i had nothing to do with the above design.
it predates my influence at penland!

pattern everywhere!!

i thought it would be cool to
photograph the fields at Penland from the air.

then I saw this!

damn, scooped again!
see the fall offerings at penland

lillian took many of these pictures. she
really has a knack for it. i took this one of her
at the end of a wonderful afternnoon at the
Penland School.

thanks for letting me indulge in this photo essay.