May 17, 2010

Silence is Golden

Lillian at the Friday evening preview. The light was so amazing!

Dear reader,
I hope you haven't worried! I've been quiet here for a while, just been lazing around doing yard work and enjoying some beautiful springtime weather! Not much pottery news. Can't recall where I left off...

Oh yea, I fired my kiln and unloaded it and then sold a bunch of it!

I had a great kiln opening! Almost the first of its kind here in Mitchell Co. There wasn't a need for a rope to keep the crowds back, but we had a pretty good turnout for a cold and windy spring weekend! The pots from the firing were laid out in the freshly mowed grass above the studio by Frank Lortscher and myself. It was a very sunny day(and weekend) and a pot never looks better than in the bright sunshine.

Here are a few pictures from the kiln opening:

some local experts scrutinizing the wares

where to park? not a problem

another satisfied customer

The next kiln opening is penciled in for Labor Day weekend. I'll let you know when we seal the date.

I've been thinking about you all and catching up on your blogs (if you have one), although it seems almost impossible to read them all! How did we get here? So many pottery blogs, so little time.

There are pots to pack and ship. There's an Etsy kiln opening coming up very soon. The cousin in clay are gathering for a family reunion in June! I'd better get busy! I'll see you soon with another update.