March 18, 2010

One Thousandth Post

Good morning/evening everybody, wherever you might be, and welcome to the 1000th post here on ye olde blogge! Some have hinted that it better be a good one, but I'm afraid it's just going to be a quick one, as so many of the "1000" have been. A potter has to make pots after all, nobody is paying me to do this! Well, OK, I do get massive kickbacks and subsidies from Pottery Barn...

Well the secret is out now. This is the person giving me all of the ideas! Here's a shot from Evelyn's inspirational whiteboard presentation that kicked off yesterday today's painting marathon!

I'll try to get some glimpses of my pottery-supa-crunch-time posted this afternoon during lunch. Some very exciting things are happening with the brushes! Check back when you can. Also don't forget to take the poll from last Friday. There's one more day till it closes.

Ellen Denker is back tomorrow to sit in for me with another intriguing post. So check that out sometime on Friday!

Thanks for reading the blog. It's been a thrill so far and I hope that the next 1000 posts will be as much fun! Have a great one!