March 24, 2010

Back Story:34 Painting

As I desperately try to regain some order and get a night's sleep before the craziness of unloading a kiln load of pots and get them ready for this weekend's pottery show, I realize that I have some straggling images from the painting and glazing session that lasted a mere 3 days. Usually I take 5 days, but I had no choice but to cram 5 days into 3 and failed miserably and had to postpone the firing by a day. But it all got done in the nick of time. But it means that instead of two days to prepare for the show I have one! Well, with no further are some pictures of some of the pots I painted and deemed worthy in their beautifully bisqued state to be put in the record.

Tomorrow I will unload the kiln and will try to get the "after" shots of these. Enjoy...

despite the tight time frame, i went the extra
mile and painted the inside of these bowls and many others.
Creativity knows no schedule.

one of the "boxes" for the Crimson Laurel show.
Let's hope this one makes it through
the firing!

top view of the above box

another of the Crimson Laurel pots.
this one is painted in my black wax.
I then dipped it in white slip.

some hump molded dishes painted in underglaze black.
more dots! I then glazed these with tenmoku, very thinly.

platter with black wax and plain wax