February 16, 2010

What Day is it Anyway?

It's been crazy with the school closings around here this winter and it's wreaking havoc on the ole schedule. Stacey tells me that we've had been over 60" here in Mitchell County so far this season and the kids have had only 5 full days of school since the Christmas break! Yikes. Sounds like the old days when kids walked 5 miles to school. Maybe they'll have to re-instate that policy so these kids can have a summer break!

Why am I not making pots? you might ask...Well I needed a snack and I wanted to check in with the blogs . Here is a picture of some batter bowls that I explored last night. It's been several years since I made any batter bowls. (Possibly since I was a resident at Penland 9-10 years ago.) Where does the time go? Too long without batter bowls. It's not that we haven't been regular pancake and maple syrup eaters during that time. But I've been exploring the crockery / large jar forms and haven't made a lot of tableware kitchen pots. Maybe I'm getting back to being a kitchen table potter, instead of a pedestal potter. I've always been best at the smaller pots. After my accident in '05 I couldn't make a lot of tableware and worked mostly on tooled pots. Now that my fingertips are nimble, again, I'm enjoying the finer points of tableware.

Thanks for the comments several of you sent in about the audio experiment. I admit the recording wasn't appropriate without pictures and it was perhaps hard to follow without pictures, so I've added a few. I mostly wanted to see how the software worked and where and how the "feed" bounced around. Several years ago, my friend Matt Pogatchnik lent me his MD recorder that I hoped to use to record interviews. The device works great but the interface with the computer was awkward and time consuming. I now have an iPod touch which has a great recording program built in and I will be using that to do the interviews.

Do you have a favorite Potter of the Roan or other Penland area potter you would like to ask a question? Let me know and it might show up here someday as a podcast.

Are you getting your 12 made? OK, how 'bout 6?

Have a good.....Tuesday?