February 8, 2010

Truth Out

Monday! And if I recall, last time I checked I was having a BIG week! Producing lots of pots, et cetera...
Well, so far it has been a day of errands and repairs and now blogging, but no pots, yet...

Recap of the a.m.

8:05 take girls to school

8:30 to the grocery store to buy snack and get cash back.

8:40 drive across very bumpy, icy, un-plowed parking lot of the parts store to get battery terminal cable replacement and spent cash from grocery store.

9:00 return computer part to Barking Spider Pottery and chat for a good long while about pottery, Mac's, and my Chinese trimming tool. Becky brandishes her brand new copy of Studio Potter and I am immediately envious.

10:00 Go to Marvin Jenson's to talk about Chinese trimming tool and discuss how it can be made. look at all of the Ducatti's in his shop in varying states of customization and repair.

10:40 arrive back home and work on truck. fix battery cable and start truck. it works! Great.

11:00 transfer rummage sale stuff from truck to sube.

plate by moi, cup by ?
venture a guess?

11:30 decide to make lunch a little early. Menu: Thomas brand "pseudo" bagel with Snow Creek sausage and cheese and cup of milk.

12 noon: Check emails blogs etc. during lunch.

12:30 check mail box and find my copy of Studio Pottery in it! Big woop woop!

Well there goes the afternoon.


What ever happened to 12 before Noon?