February 13, 2010

Super Bat

When I pulled out my super bat yesterday to cut some feet on a large bowl, I tried to remember if I had mentioned it or explained here. Hmmm? No matter.

It came about after needing to trim large bowls on the treadle wheel. Since the treadle has a limited bat width because of it's mud box (splash pan) I had to go over the pan to use larger bats. For years (before I put bat pins on the wheel head) I would put a cookie of clay down on the wheel head, put a small bat on that, then another cookie, etc. until I cleared the pan. One day, I had an idea to build a custom bat that would do the same thing but be more efficient and I came up with the "super-bat". It's worked very well.

the superbat and it's clearance.

The only thing about the superbat
is that trimmings invariably fall to the floor and make a bit of a mess. But no problem. I have found a place on the pot where trimmings tend to go neatly into the pan. See the following video.

I've got to get the MeTube video production crew back in here to keep up with the Joneses, Philbeck's, Fitch's, et. al.

some jugs that I handled before I shut down the shop yesterday.

weather report. more snow fell last night.