January 8, 2010

Simon Levin Kudos

Today I was listening to a podcast of Fresh Air on my iPod and noticed a 2X button on the screen. I clicked tapped it with my finger and just as it promised I was able to cruise through the interview in double time! Wow what a potential time saver. Or better yet, I can double the talk shows I listen to in the same amount of time. But I can't say I recommend it unless you're really pressed for time.

I don't know, maybe I'm getting too much information already. But all of this is just a reflection on our habits these days with obtaining important information.

My sort-of-blogging-potter friend, and the man who brought you American Mug on Facebook, Simon Levin, has done some really interesting videos that he has posted of late. I thought the most recent one was really great. Here it is for all of you who may missed its debut on Facebook the other night.

Hold on to your seats because it must be shot in that 2X mode! (actually I think Simon mentioned that he has done this video in a sort of stop action mode in his camera and strung the images together in a time lapse fashion to make the "video". correct me if I'm wrong, S.L.)

Also, congratulations to Simon for winning the first prize at the 17th Annual Strictly Functional Pottery National with this beauty!