January 17, 2010


devil's walking stick or honey locust

The air was warming and the sun was so bright on our walk the other day. You could hear the ground thawing and percolating. Jack and I were getting muddy for the first time in a month, unusual for these parts. I had my camera with me as I often do on our walks and tried to capture some of the things I was seeing. Although I rarely use imagery in a representational manner, I am always looking at nature and patterns in nature. It's endlessly fascinating.

two birds

goldenrod leaves
goldenrod flowers/seeds

broom sage

The 15" of snow that fell on the 18th of December was slowly soaking into the field and leaving these beautiful shapes. It was sort of like laying on your back and looking at clouds, something I remember doing often as a child. Except I was stalking over these looking for interesting shapes. Here are a few of those. If someone had seen me from a distance they might have thought I had gone crazy, hopping around in the middle of the field taking pictures of the ground. I'm sure jack was wondering himself what was going on!

Please indulge my captions. Let us know what you see.

As always I love your comments. Don't be a stranger.

dog/lamb in repose
person wearing hat/sombrero



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