January 5, 2010

Save Big $$$ By Signing Up To My Mailing List!

my new e mail buddy

I have a new email service to communicate with folks who either can't keep up with the blog, or aren't on Facebook. I'll announce any show or sale I'm having and share any important news from the pottery. With a bit of luck and careful planning I hope to send out a monthly newsletter.

If you haven't received my newsletter or email updates yet, you probably aren't signed up on my current email list. Some folks who signed up over the summer and fall were accidentally lost when my master list got corrupted! (don't ask me how that happened) I'm so sorry.

Here's how I plan on giving back to all of you who sign up. When you sign up you'll not only get announcements via email, but you will also receive a coupon!! that will entitle you to a discount at my Etsy site or here at the studio if you come by for a visit! Those of y'all that are already signed up will get a coupon as well!

So, go to my sign up page and save big $$$ on pottery!

If you want to receive regular mail, real, in-your-hand post cards announcements, you can do that on the email sign up page as well. Just fill in the whole form with your mailing address and zip code.

If you get enough information just by reading the blog and don't want a deal on pottery, that's fine, too.

As always, thanks for reading!