January 3, 2010

Recall On Poultry Fountains!


In this first post of 2010 I have to report a recall* of poultry fountains/chicken waterers because of a flaw in the terms and use agreement. These devices are only good for temperatures above 32•F!



In all seriousness, though, this guy made it fine until the current cold snap. It got down to 10•F(-12.2•C) here last night. Metal may have been a better choice for this kind of weather. Recent studies have found that our thirst impulse is diminished when we are cold. So don't forget to drink plenty, even in cold weather! Our rooster, Mr. Pavement was glad to see some unfrozen water this morning after reading this article.

My poultry/pottery lesson for today is that you should bring this type of watering pot indoors during very cold temperatures and your Kline Pottery Poultry Fountain™ will last you more than a few chicken's lifetimes!

*not really