January 21, 2010

Duke of Earl Grey

Don't ask me why I feel compelled to make a catchy title when I sit down to write to you. It's all part of my "foot-in-mouth" disease. Sir James and the Bug are having Earl Grey and me too. It's the same kind of day here. We're not far from Louisville, after all.

I feel like crap this morning and managed to get a couple of orders packed and shipped out using the every ounce of a.m. energy I had. Now I'm back to my snifflingsorethroaty self and wondering what I'm going to do with all that fine clay mixed and ready for action! on what would normally be a great day to make pots, a gray drizzly day. These kinds of days are great for focus without the distractions of a bright sun shiny day.

Jack is sleeping in his crate and I'm heading down for a little surfing on the 'pod and napping...
I hope you're getting things done today.