December 16, 2009

Penland Clay : Summer 2010

hayne bayless and lindsay rogers
penland, summer 2009

Maybe you've already heard about summer 2010 at Penland, but thought I would share this if you haven't. This schedule is still subject to change.

Complete information will be posted in early January (or maybe a little bit sooner).

Clay 2010
Session 1: May 30 - June 11
Kathy King and Paul Wandless--Print and Clay Buffet (both studios)

Session 2: June 13 - 25
Kristen Kieffer--Altered, Ornamented & Electric
Alice Ballard and Jenny Mendes--Cross Pollination

Session 3: June 27 - July 9
Judith Duff--Japanese Style: Forms and Shinos
George Kokis and Rodney McCoubrey--Clay, Myth, Fairy Tale

Session 4: July 11 - 23
Bede Clark--Wheel Pots: Geometry and Vitality
Carlos Alves and Katrina Plato--Meaning and Mosaic: Ceramic Tile in Community

Session 5: July 25 - August 10
Sam Chung--Fusing Form, Surface, and Idea
Kenneth Baskin--Successful Slab Construction

Session 6: August 15 - 27
Elisa Helland-Hansen--Pots for Food
Tip Toland--Gesture, Psychology, and the Human Figure

Session 7: August 29 - September 4
Michael Sherrill--All Things Malleable
John Byrd--Mixed-Media Ceramic Sculpture