December 2, 2009

A Look Inside

Here are the first images from the kiln! Doesn't look bad! Here's a white on white slipped pot.

This is one of the yunomi that I made for the AKAR cup show coming up in the spring. It has the Hillux copper glaze. Looks like a ywinge of red. A little red is nice!
The jar with glass on the handles. It's hard to see the glass runs from this angle. Tomorrow I'll have a better look. That blue (rutile?) is from a heavy application of the alka-kline glaze.
From the front door of the kiln. That's cone ten beginning to melt and cone eleven standing almost vertical. I wanted to fire a little cooler this time, so we went for cone nine flat and a very slight bend to cone ten. Usually I fire to ten bending to ten at a half.