December 4, 2009

Finally, Images for Blogger

while cleaning the wall by the
wedging table(l) and smearing clay all over it anyway, I
decided to try a little wall drawing with a clean throwing sponge!
It was fun!

The Toe River Arts Council Holiday Studio Tour began and we had a pretty good day despite the slow traffic. Everyone who came today, with a couple exceptions, bought pottery or jewelry, or both! As usual I was still getting the studio set up with sanding and pricing the new pots, when the first customers came. After doing this tour for 12 years now, I have a steady following and it's always nice to see folks!

So, this evening, I've finally found some time to crop the pictures for blogger. It's very easy to upload images to Facebook and Tumblr with taking the time to re-size, etc. But here are a few faves from 33!

i did a lot of slipware trials in this kiln load and
it's some of my favorite new stuff!

this pitcher was one of the few
pieces glazed with my dwindling bucket of
willie hillux 5% copper glaze
and one of the first pots to sell at today's sale!

this pattern is inspired by a baseball seam

I like the cartoon-y look of this bird!

I painted this bowl with the restraint that Dan suggested

stacks of cereal bowls

this is a sweet half gallon jug that was one of my faves
mainly because of my new favorite motif, the jack or astericks

serving dish with blue stained glass placed on the rim before firing

more combing inspired by blogger Matt Grimmitt!
the slip is #6 tile and the glaze is tenmoku!