December 9, 2009

Coffee Break vol. 25

I'd forgotten how much I dislike packing pottery for shipping! It's really hard on the hands. But that's how we move these pots around the world.

Speaking of pots moving around, I just got a box from the mail guy and I knew who sent it by the funny card taped on the outside. Yes, Tom White as Santa Claus. But I couldn't wait for Christmas, so I tore into the box and found this rockin' mug from Tom. It was not doubt fired in my buddy Sam Taylor's kiln in Westhampton, MA.

Sam and I happened to be on the phone for quite a while this morning going over plans for a reunion workshop at Snow Farm in May. It will coincide with my show at the Artisan Gallery in Northampton, MA that will open on Memorial Day weekend. See how far in advance these things get rolling? (and I've been talking to the Artisan Gallery for almost a year!) gallery owners/show promoters take a hint. It takes a lot of lead time to put together successful show campaigns, especially with the wood fired pottery cycle.

Anyway, enough preaching (rule of thumb, "don't bite the hand that feeds you, or for that matter the thumb"). This cup helped me get really jazzed up about a weekend with my old, and I do mean old, pals, Sam Taylor and Mark Shapiro and a masters workshop at Snow Farm. The coffee was strong and the ideas about the 'shop were exciting. The catalog hasn't even been published and you're hearing about it first, right here. So stay tuned in as the details get hammered out.

And Thanks TOM! for the mug!

It just so happens that Tom is having his 30th Annual Christmas Sale this next two weekends!! So you better get over there and get some pots like this one. I'm sure he'll have lots of beauties to choose from his kiln and Sam's! Tell him I sent you and maybe he'll keep the payola coming my way.