November 4, 2009


I found this tree to have a very interesting seed?nut?bud? and
will look at trying to create a pattern in its honor!

Jack's backside on our walk
In the ongoing effort to stay caught up and not get too distracted in the endless list of projects I usually fail. Today was full of auxiliary activities and I reminded myself that all of them contribute in the final big event of the firing in a few weeks. This beautiful autumn day included cutting wood, organizing/putting away all of the random things on my tables that are in the way of the oncoming ware boards and bats full of pots.

Here are some images/impressions of the day.


bear grass, Christmas trees, and the distant Black Mtns.

oh yea, pots!

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the blog and it's internal problems in the commenting department. I'm playing around with WordPress and trying different themes and widgetry! I'm finding out how steam lined I have made this process on Blogger and to learn a new application is a little intimidating. I am pursuing the possibilities but may not have anything that I can confidently go with for a while. All this stuff takes time!

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