September 17, 2009


After supper and some pony rides around the living room with Lillian I headed up to get my groove back after my funky afternoon at the wheel. I decided to slow things down and use my treadle wheel to make some test pots, little 3/4 # pots to use as tests in the next kiln load. Ahhh...this will get me warmed up for the bigger pots I will try to make in the next week.

I find it interesting that these tiny pots present a different set of challenges despite their small stature. First of all my hands are big, so centering is done with just one hand, no problem. Then from there on I have to be very gentle to avoid trashing the pot with the slightest clumsy move. It's all fingertip's with these. My tendency was to over-do the throwing and make very thin walls. SO I trashed a few doing this yet ended up with a couple of boards of decent little jars. Proportions are a little odd at this scale, too. In the morning, I'll review with fresh eyes and maybe cull some. I already see some dogs by looking at the pictures I took.

But some I like a lot! Maybe I'll put handles on some!