September 9, 2009

False Start

A week ago, Monday, what a day I had getting clay mixed, cutting wood, throwing pots! The kids were back in school! Everything was looking up for some big pottery fun!

[Tuesday: screeeeeeeech! ]

Stacey had scheduled me, innocently enough, for oral surgery to have my wisdom teeth pulled, well, the three that were left. I had been putting it off for years, and thought, that I'd better do it. Little did I know the week that I would have! I'll spare you the details and leave them for the DVD special features, whenever that comes out...just conjure an image of me in a anti biotic/pain killer induced zombified state. [number 9]

Now it's back to school for me after a month of I don't know what!? To be fair, in review (so I don't start feeling guilty or sorry for myelf) [number 9]grading pots for Etsy kiln opening, a week at the beach, photography with Joy and photoshopping 100 images, setting up Etsy, packing and shipping, cleaning up packing peanuts from the drive, cleaning and prepping shop for upcoming mega-session.

[number 9]

OK enough! It's up the hill I go for my 300' commute. Maybe even my first cup of Joe in a week!
I'll let you know how it goes, thanks for being there!

you are still there, aren't you?

[number 9]