September 9, 2009

Clay Club Visits Wildacres Retreat

NC Clay Club had a very nice visit to nearby Wildacres retreat this evening. Mike, Kathryn, and Sarah House were our hosts.

They must have known about my recent preference for soft foods as we had a wonderfully flaky broiled telapia, the summer's best sweet potatoes, and a finely chopped cole slaw! It was delicious!

Mike took us on a tour of the campus complete with stories about the retreat and he and his family's involvement with the retreat over the past twenty years.

We ended our tour with a get together in the pottery shop.

fireplace, lounge, mission statement
some Native American pots in the collection

There will be a clay/ceramics gathering/workshop at Wildacres on the 28th of Sept. - October 2nd. Contact Mike at Wildacres for info.