August 20, 2009

our dining table near my computer "work station"
with the Etsy collection, sorting through the images!

It's been a busy day of preparing the images for the online kiln opening on Tuesday. Lucky for me that my old eMac is still grinding along, chewing up pixels and uploading'em to the new shop on Etsy. It doesn't have anything listed yet, but I'm setting it up. I'm learning how to work around some of the ways the Etsy folks want everything to work and hopefully we can have a smooth run come Tuesday morning. Looking at all the great pictures and different views of these pots reminds me how digital photography has changed the way I see my work. Joy Tanner has a great camera, much more sophisticated than my point and shoot Fuji. I'm seeing little details that I had no idea were there. I highly recommend all of you potters taking big pictures on your digital cameras and then looking at them on your computer. There's something really interesting about the views you can have of your work. Some edges are out of focus, glaze details pop out. The lips of some cups are tapered differently than I remember.

All in all it was an interesting day, but at times I got a little zombified and had to walk away from the eMac. Mid morning brought a wayward potter/traveler. Ron Philbeck came by to pay a visit. Ron lives about and hour and a half from me in Shelby, NC, but we rarely get to hang out and we always get excited talking about pots and blogging. Today Ron stood at my door and reached his arms with a little bundle of something wrapped in tissue paper. It looked like it had made quite a journey and sure enough
it was this sweet little jug that Doug Fitch had sent along in Ron's luggage for me to study! Thanks SO much Doug! That was very kind of you to think of me. Now I have a souvenir of Ron and Sarah's trip to England! I hope that someday I'll get to make the pilgrimage to the Fitch Pottery in Devon. For now, though, I'll have a little bit of England to sit on my special shelf in my workshop next to my old southern pots. I'm sure it'll help me with my "pitchers" which I need to make real soon.