July 8, 2009

Ripple in Time

Timing is everything, someone once said. In my case I have to confess that it takes me a long time to make a pot, or a kiln load of pots. As I've spoken about before here, life in the summertime, the kids home from school, friends visiting from Penland, put a pleasant speed bump in the old pottery making path.
My approach, and maybe potters everywhere, relies on a certain momentum. Clay dries or stays damp, depending on the weather. A potter walks through the shop pushing their finger into soft pots, checking the clay, waiting for further attention. This gesture keeps the potter in "touch" with the pots. Momentum in the shop is an accumulation of all of these moments of "awareness" that one gets from being in the shop. Remembering also comes with this momentum: pots that still want to be made, updates on shapes from previous cycles of work, attempts at new forms.
Blogging has been a real good outlet for me and a great way of staying in touch with you. But there comes a time when I've just got to get the pots made. This, hopefully, will serve as an apology for not being in touch with all of you (whom I'm so grateful for).
I've had to postpone my firing, and cancel a show. But in the scheme of time and momentum, the pots will be better, I hope. Thanks for reading!