July 8, 2009

Penland Clay Slides Tonight

Hayne Bayless introducing his studio assistant,
and my wonderful neighbor, Lindsay Rogers.

Tuesday Night is clay slides night at Penland this summer and it was a great night of wonderful work. First my bud, Hayne Bayless was up and among other things he was gracious enough to show a few of our pieces during his talk that we did together, last time he was passing through. Then my neighbor, Lindsay Rogers (who is assisting Hayne) showed slides of her pots, her visual influences, and pots with food! Sarah House is Hayne's other assistant. She should not be confused by our Sarah House, from Burnsville, NC. She talked about her work and the influence of scientific discovery on her work.

After a group intro by three studio assistants, James Watkins showed slides of his impressive work and travels. His assistants followed with quite a variety of work.

I take for granted this "cultural entertainment" that happens nightly up at the school, where teachers and their assistants briefly describe their work and show pictures for about ten minutes. It's quick and impressionistic at times, but it allows everyone time to present their work and still allow time to go back to the studios to get a little work in before it gets late.

Here is a platter that James Watkins made today using
sodium silicate to give the surface a crackle.

Here are Hayne and Lindsay looking over some
imagery Lindsay is working on in the work
she is making this session.

But tonight there wasn't much work being done as
Alan Tinney and Jan Welch were entertaining from
the upper clay porch. It was a blast as the moon
rose nearby in all of it's glory on this clear cool night.

There are a lot of friends teaching this session and I hope to ramble a little more and post some pictures of the great stuff I'm sure they're gonna do.

some of my pots that await

Meanwhile there are pots to make. But that a story for another day!