July 9, 2009

Loadin' and Scrubbin'

B a Pepper

Instead of making all of those jugs, bottles, and pitchers today, I realized all of the shelves were full and there was no place to put the table pots! So I loaded a bisque kiln with a lot of these plates that have to be scrubbed, first! This is what I use to take the burr or edge off of the rim cut plates. It's simply a green scrubbie pad. I got this tip from Shawn Ireland while we were residents together over at Penland back in the salad days, (1998-2001). I do the scrubbing when the pot is bone dry.

In other News
I'm blogging on my pottery page on Facebook. See the link on the upper right side of this screen. Think of it as the "other channel". I hope you don't find all of these options overwhelming, but I have a lot of folks who like to read about the pottery there, too!

More pottery to be made tonight. My clay wasn't quite stiff enough, [refrain from lewd joke that Michael Scott might would blurt out] but it'll be ready after supper. Until then, love the spin you're in!