June 1, 2009

Snow Farm Workshop Coming Up

a student snapped this pic at a recent workshop

I will be teaching at Snow Farm in about three weeks (June 20-22) and there are a couple of slots still open!!!

If you're an avid reader/potter and want to spend a few of days working with me in a beautiful New England setting, then why don't you just come on down? (or come on up, as I will be) I've taught there many times, going as far back to the days when the school was called "Horizons" and I always think of Snow Farm as a cousin of the Penland School and am happy to be going back.

The workshop is "hands on" and we'll make lots of pots and paint pots as well. There won't be any time to fire, but we'll certainly talk about how the pots might look in different scenarios and how slips and glazes may affect the finished pieces! I have a bunch of fun brushwork exercises that I've done with groups that help everyone shed any self-consciousness and fear of the blank canvas of pottery and just have fun.

I will demonstrate throwing of a whole range of pots and assist students with their throwing as well. I will talk and demonstrate my various motifs and decorative techniques and help students come up with solutions to their surface design questions.

Hopefully there will be time, as we work, to discuss issues related to making pots such as personal voice and vision, marketing and the Internet, and the importance of making and using pots in our daily lives.
If you're interested in having some pottery fun, improving your brushwork, and making better pots, get in touch with the folks over at the Snow Farm in Williamsburg, MA.

You can call 413.268.3101
or email info@snowfarm-art.org
for more info and to sign up!

I'll let you know when it fills.
I hope to see you at Snow Farm!