May 25, 2009

Penland Friends

Summers at the Penland School are a lot of fun. But that place can suck the time-spent-in-your-own-studio right out! Sometimes when friends teach at the school, I wander over there and get sucked into the vortex. Oh, but it's great fun, and always inspiring to see what everybody's up to. The summer has started and I've got a bunch of friends teaching. Hopefully I'll bring my camera and try to ramble and rove a bit. Here's a link to the summer class schedule at Penland. Maybe I'll see YOU there, too! If you're around, why not stroll on over to my place which is just a few minutes down Conley Ridge and visit!?!

P.S. There's a great way to see what's happening every week at the school. It's the "Photo of the Week" Check it weekly!

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