May 7, 2009

The Decorator's Report

my axes
chop, chop

My wonderful Stacey bought some new batteries for the camera and I had promised some pictures, so here we go!

my "blunge anywhere" setup

The 1/2 inch drill is clamped to anything stable, in this case my treadle wheel seat and powered on. The switch has a lock and I can walk away while it mixes away.

wading bird and 4 handle jar, about 7" tall each

In my continuing homage to the Kyle Carpenter cup that I have drinking from all week, here is a jar with the grasses motif with bird. [I used to do a grass motif a long time ago and am hunting for an image to show you. But haven't found it yet.] Both of these jars will get amber glaze, and maybe some glass runs. I also like the way Kyle scratches through the slip in that cup and tried some on the bird for detail. I'm not sure how it will look in the end. But worth a try.

a pile of pasta bowls

more wading birds

a couple of breakfast cups

The path up to the shop is getting pretty muddy, more rain in the forecast although the sky is a brilliant blue. Maybe the rain has finally moved on. The past few days have been constant rain with occasional breaks. But the breaks didn't last long and before you knew it the rain began again. Consequently the ground is a soggy mush. It's great for our drought ridden state of the last few years, but makes a potter worry when they look at their stack of dry wood through the sheets of rain and realize that they should have put a cover over the chimney.
Maybe more pictures at lunch time. Have a good morning.